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Issey Cannon Massage & Bodywork


Because life is worth living and movement really does matter.

Hello, I’m Issey,

I intend to build a long-lasting relationship with you; to help you move, live and feel better. I will support you on your journey to a better understanding of your body and mind

I hope to empower you to live a happy, healthier and well-balanced lifestyle.

Above all, it is all about you and your personal journey to a place where your body and mind are restored, balanced and you can flourish in your new found wealth; of health, free movement and positive wellbeing.

Contact me to ask any questions or to book a session. I look forward to meeting you.


These are just some of the conditions I can help treat: Back ache. Stiff neck. Tension headaches. Shoulder pain. Work related tension.  Tennis elbow. Painful knees. Plantar fasciitis. Sciatica. Muscles pain. Sports injury. Repetitive Strain Injury. Chronic pain. Emotional stress.




Sports Massage

Sports Massage


It’s a misconception that sports massage deals predominantly with athletes.  We are all sports people as life is one ever increasingly competitive, buys, physical activity. To live life to its fullest we all must have ‘fit’, well functioning muscles that are prepared  to perform, whether that be playing a game of tennis, doing a headstand, chasing after your kids in the park or  just walking the dog.


Postural misalignment is often the origin of chronic aches and pains.  Bad posture, from sitting at a desk all day, holding your baby and  just general life, can lead to an unbalanced body.  My role is to work closely with you to regain the healthiest posture for you in whatever you do.  By relaxing over-used muscles and re-engaging under-used muscles, your postural awareness will increase.  You might be surprised at after a course of treatments at how you sit with more awareness.


All the cells in our muscles are living and responsive to the physical and emotional state of our body.  They are essential to our holistic functioning and sometimes these cells need some encouragement.  Massage therapy creates an involuntary relaxation response, as well as cleansing and improving our muscular health. It’s a super food.

Recovery and prevention

In life and when exercising we have a tendency to overuse certain muscles.  You may have heard of repetitive strain injuries. Sports massage is an excellent way to aid the recovery of injured and/or stressed out muscles; it is also an incredible way to prevent injury from arising.  With your muscles in their peak condition you can function and perform at a higher level and recover more effectively.

Tailor-made treatment

Massage Therapy focuses on the individual,  combining the knowledge given by the client with information offered by the body to create treatment plan shaped to your independent needs.  This is more than just how many massages you need; it includes how the treatment is carried out, the guidance given and the stretches/strengthening exercises issued.

Specific techniques

Specific massage techniques are used to work the body; different styles are used to address the reasons why you are having treatment, e.g pre/post-event; postural issues; injury recovery; chronic tension.

Muscle memory

Your muscles remember how you use them and just like retraining our brains, we must retrain our muscles.  Remedial massage is about regularly communicating with the muscles and conditioning them to remember what it is like to be relaxed and functioning at an optimum level.  It’s rather like training a dog, though in my eyes you can always teach an old dog new tricks.  It can just take time, so patience and frequent contact is essential.  If you keep hydrated, do your homework and recommendations – you can be a little less patient!


Also known as: knots; trigger points; congestion; tension spots; nodules; lesions.  There are a fair few ways to describe the build up stress and tensions within our muscles.  Sports massage locates these precise areas and uses specific techniques to break down and unravel these ‘knots’, a little bit like untangling rope –  It can be quick and easy or a patiently worked process.


The real, sustained benefits occur with frequent, structured treatment plans.  If you have booked in for massage, it is likely that you are in pain and want results quickly.  In some cases, if there is chronic tension or an injury, high intensity treatments are necessary. This intensity is needed to repeatedly ‘jog’ your muscles memory, increase consciousness of posture, bring about constant fresh circulation and promote deeper relaxation and healing.

The question is short or long-term satisfaction?  Sustainable muscular health and a ‘free and easy you’ come through being aware.  Just like exercising or eating the right food, sports massage does wonders for you if you engage in it often.  If you feel tightness creeping in or you have a super busy few weeks – book in.


Deep tissue massage has a reputation for being a painful, deep-pressured massage that has people leaping off couches and waking up with bruises.  OUCH!! With me, there is always be a clear understanding of pain threshold and muscular desires.  The pressure used during sports massage is adaptable and varies – there is incredible benefit from slow, sustained, myofascial release techniques.


The origins of sports massage and bodywork stem back before Christ (BC).  In the old, Indian Ayurveda system touch therapy was one of the five sensory ways used to treat health imbalances. In Ancient Egypt inscribing’s have been found that convey the kneading of another individual, whilst in Ancient China, massage therapy was found to be an important technique in stimulating muscular-energetic path ways and as a consequence heal the body.

And, if you know some Latin, you can break down all those scary looking anatomical terms into self-evident descriptions of your muscles – cool!  An example, subsclavius ia a muscle. When broken down into sub and clavius we can translate this to the muscle that is underneath your collarbone.


There in an intention set at the start of a deep tissue treatment and plan; this
has a direct relation to why you are getting treated.  Ultimately we work together to achieve your own goal and this may be as simple as being able to pick up your children with ease or having the energy and strength to swim twice a week.


‘Energy’ is often thought of as of an ‘out there’ concept, nonetheless we are complete energetic beings and we require ‘full power, 24 hour’ energy to flourish.  Our muscles use energy. Massage therapy generates energy and clears areas where there has been stagnant flow due to lack of use or injury, making you move and live more freely.