Issey Cannon Massage Therapy & Bodywork



“Issey Cannon is the lady with intelligent hands. I came to her a miserable old man, with sciatica and painful knees. Her intervention transformed my life. Before I could hobble about for no more than a mile. Now thanks to her manipulation, follow up exercises and lifestyle advice I can hike 8 miles, cycle, and row the length of Bristol harbour and back. She is the best.”

– Tim Jones, Bristol

“Issey is a fanstastic massage therapist with many strings to her bow! I tore my ACL playing netball and Issey worked wonders along side my rehab. She looked after my whole body to get me working as best I could! I really found the myofascial release amazing! Thank you Issey for all your hard work and magical hands!”

– Anwen Carter, Chiropractor

“Issey has been working with me  for a number of years now and has remedied me back to health each time I have an ache or pain. I have always felt her treatments are tailored to my needs of that day. Issey is so knowledgable about the human body and always gives advice to help me keep in shape and be ready for every day life. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about their health.”

– Rory Periment,  Founder of Burger Theory, Bristol

“It’s like melted butter on toast.”

– Will Tebbutt, Buider, Bristol

“Issey was my first regular massage therapist. 4 years later and, as a sufferer from arthritis and  degeneration in my ankles and feet I can only say how much her understanding and expertise in foot massage has helped in my journey to maintain mobility.  Add to this the benefits of an overall relaxation/sports massage and I can thoroughly recommend Issey to you. A kind and caring lady.”

– Roger Turner, Clevedon

“Issey is very professional, super friendly and welcoming. Every treatment I have had with Issey I have left feeling amazing from the treatment it self and from the interaction. She gives me more and more info every step of the way to help me work thought the problems I was having with my back. She introduced me to myofascia and the work she is doing with this is incredible. I 100% recommend Issey.”

– Joe Newman, Antiques, Bristol

“Issey’s massage is a beautiful experience all round. She has an incredibly calming manner and makes you feel instantly at ease. The massage itself is wonderful; you can tell you are in very skilled hands. She will tailor each massage to your own personal needs and although it is definitely a strong and deep massage, it is simultaneously very relaxing indeed.”

– Freya Young, Founder of JackFruit Clothing

“I’ve been a client of Issey’s for the last year now and she has been nothing but amazing. She helped treat my shin pains whilst I was training to run a half marathon. I ran a personal best. She has incredible knowledge and experience of the human anatomy. If someone can’t, Issey can and more. Actually I am on my way to see her now!”

Jeremie Peters, Graphic Designer

“After being caught in a kitchen where a gas canister exploded, I  sustained first and second degree burns across my legs and feet. The nature of the accident also caused me to suffer PTSD. After a year, although the scars had started to fade, my self-esteem was still very low and my fear of death, hobs and gas canisters was still considerably prominent. The treatments I had with Issey were utterly beautiful. Its wasn’t just a physical release of the trauma held within the body, the space she held for me after each session was so incredibly special. Her presence is caring, safe, trusting and open. She helped via Myofascial Release to illuminate and dissolve the insecurities, anxieties and maladaptive thoughts that had developed within me over a year of suppression. The knowledge she bestowed to me about body trauma, body memory, and the interconnectedness of the physical and psychological I will treasure forever. Each session left me feeling lighter and more at ease, and also with the understanding of how I needed to move forward to fully heal from the incident. It was such an impacting experience for me. Thank you.”

Emma Watford,

“Issey Cannon has magical hands. I first came to see Issey some years back with chronic lower back pain, I underwent a course of treatments and for the first time in a while felt pain free. I now visit once or twice a month for a general MOT. She is very thorough, is always giving me new tricks to take home and I always leave with a greater sense of freedom and grounding  Her hands are unquestionably healing and I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Sarah Wakes, Chef, Bristol

“Issey is a naturally supportive and empathetic practitioner who instantly made me feel relaxed. She openly offers her own wisdom and suggest exercises to further facilitate my healing process. Her massages are profound and considered and I always leave feeling grounded and deeply nourished.”

-Becky Collison Walker, Health Foods