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It’s EZ! Top tips of how to restore your energy.

It’s EZ! Top tips of how to restore your energy.

Firstly though, what is the EZ?

When bulk water (H2O) comes into contact with a material that is hydrophilic (water loving) it splits into negatively charged particles and positively charged particles creating EZ water(H3O2).

EZ is the ‘forth phase’ of water. It is something other than, liquid, solid or vapour. It is semi-crystalline water. Gel like.

Termed Exclusion Zone as it pushes out everything inside the water, e.g. particles, solutes and becomes negatively charged.

Thus, becoming a potential battery and source of energy.

How can you grow you EZ and consequently increase your energy? It’s easy…

  1. Drink filtered, spring water – water is the essence fo life and is the raw material for building EZ water.
  2. Sunlight – get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, it’s there even when there are clouds.
  3. Infrared light – take a sauna every now and again – the heat generates infrared light and builds EZ.
  4. Green Juicing – contains the plant cell’s EZ water and helps grow ours.
  5. Turmeric, coconut water and some other foods- build EZ
  6. Grounding – walk barefoot on the ground! The earth is negatively charged and builds the EZ. Its not ‘woowoo’ after all!

See, it is EZ!!

Dr Gerald Pollack, who is the inspiration of this blog and of this incredible research – thinks that we human beings are walking ‘solar panels’ – that we use light from the sun and get energy. Just like plants we too undergo the first steps of photosynthesis.



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