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Fascia changes everything!

Fascia changes everything!

What is the Fascia?

  • The fascial network is totally connected, integrated and uninterrupted. (It is continuous and connects the tip of your head to the tips of your toes.)
  • It is 3D and it spreads throughout the entirety of the body. 
  • It embraces every other soft tissue and organ.
  • No tissue exists in isolation but is interwoven with every structure within the fascia.
  • Fascia is the primary environment of every cell in the body. (without it our cells would cease to function)
  • The framework of the human body is dependent on this single network of connective tissue.
  • It gives us our shape. (Without it we would not function.)
  • It is capable of dynamic free movement. (Without it we would not move.)
  • Distortion of any part of the fascial network will impose negative stress elsewhere.
  • This is why restriction may be found away from the area of pain.
  • The fascia divides, encompasses, supports, protects, separates and connects everything in the body.
  • When we treat the fascia we cant help but have an effect on the whole body.
  • It is the sole network of the whole body.

More and more scientific evidence and research is underway. The profoundness and importance of fascia is recognised.

Fascia in previous years was seen as connective tissue surrounding and spreading through muscle fibres – however is is far more special and intelligent than this.

It is UBIQUITOUS (new favourite word). 

It is depended upon by the human body to give form, support, cohesion, separation and to allow movement and communication between all cells and structures in the body.

Everything is covered in a thin film of fascia and all these fascial pockets are wholly interconnected to form a fascial matrix across the entirety of the body.

It is one singular structure connecting everything.

Therefore, during treatments we act globally and often treat away from the source of pain.

Are you mind blown yet? Or maybe you knew all along that there was something far greater than the muscles and the skeleton that kept you alive and upright. I hope you now understand that fascia is the essential component of your ability to flourish and is the core of your function and structure.

In my next blog post, I will explain what makes up the fascia and how it inextricably connects the mind and body. I look forward to sharing with you and if you want to experience Integrated Myofascial Release Therapy then book an appointment or contact me for more info.



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